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A Pilates-specific space where we love to teach, and people love to come

Movement Principle is a specialised Pilates studio located in Brisbane across two studios, Paddington and Brisbane CBD.


With state of the art equipment, lots of natural light and a welcoming atmosphere, we will make you feel at home, every session.


Our focus is on integrating the original principles of Pilates with modern knowledge of the body and movement.


As highly trained, experienced instructors we respect the body and each individual’s situation, while constantly working towards each client's goals. We are driven by how good it feels to move well, and we love sharing that with our clients.

Our Story

We began dreaming of our own studio in 2010, after working in a variety of different multi-disciplinary practices, and having seen how Pilates studios interstate and overseas offer a more traditional and focused experience of Pilates. As teachers we recognised a common passion for movement in each other, and a love of working with people, and wanted to create a Pilates-specific space where we love to teach and people love to come.

After a few months as a home studio in Toowong in late 2010 Movement Principle opened its doors in Milton in January 2011. It was a rough start, with the studio evacuated and flooded in the first week! But the experience brought us closer to the neighbouring businesses and local residents, and we cleaned up and reopened more determined than ever to see our beautiful studio come to life.

After almost three years watching our clients progress and get stronger and our community grow, we moved to bigger and brighter premises in Paddington in November 2013 (On the top of a hill! No more flood risk!). And now we've spread to a second location, offering our unique pilates experience in the Brisbane CBD.

Over the years we’ve watched our dedicated and loyal clientele grow stronger, healthier, and happier with less daily pain and quicker recovery from injuries. We’ve welcomed new clients from all walks of life: athletes, teenagers, retirees, new parents, workaholics. We’ve introduced new forms of classes to help people add fitness training in a safe and supervised format, and to provide interesting and new challenges to old and new clients alike. We’ve taken on fantastic staff who share our passion and demonstrate exceptional teaching qualities. And we’ve juggled our business with our families and watched them both grow!

As people and as teachers, our experiences and backgrounds are different, and yet our vision is the same - quality Pilates, true to the principles, taught in a safe and effective environment. We hope you enjoy your experience with us.

- Catherine & Anita, Owners

Our People

The people at Movement Principle Pilates make the difference

Catherine Neal

“Watching people improve their quality of life through pilates is so rewarding. I love helping them understand their bodies more and get control of their injuries.“

Catherine Neal
Director & Senior Pilates Instructor

Anita Thompson

"Coming from a varied movement background I enjoy finding what works for each person. Everyone is different so what works best for getting one body movement is going to be different to the next. I love that challenge."

Anita Thompson
Director & Senior Pilates Instructor

Leanne Graham

"It is so rewarding to be able to give people the gift of movement"

Leanne Graham
Senior Pilates Instructor

Dolores Silooy

"An adaptable and versatile system that anyone could still be doing well into their old age."

Dolores Silooy
Senior Pilates Instructor

Edwin Townsend

"Passion for quality movement and correct form."

Edwin Townsend
Senior Pilates Instructor

Michele Dorn

What Michele loves most about pilates is the control and mindfulness that the exercises demand.

Michele Dorn
Pilates Instructor

Mitch Reyes

"I love the control and mindfulness that the exercises demand. Pilates works the whole body and mind in this way, helping people escape from their day because of the focus then need in the session"

Mitch Reyes
Pilates Instructor

Mana Ogawa

"Pilates brings so much joy to me. Not only do I get to spend my time in a space I love, but with wonderful inspiring people, practicing what I love. I like to think that Pilates is a functional support system to help carry my clients through their life's adventures."

Mana Ogawa
Pilates Instructor

Pilates helps you move better

A well-moving body leads to lower stress, less wear and tear, and the confidence to tackle anything life throws at you.



What is Pilates?

Movement, balance, exercise

Pilates improves posture, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, breathing, relaxation. In the studio classes your sessions can be targeted to focus on:

  • Specific flexibility or strength areas
  • Specific lifestyle demands eg. for work, sport, baby-tasks, lifting and carrying, skiing, travelling
  • Rehabilitating an injury (in liaison with your health professional where necessary)
  • Chronic condition management
  • Osteoporosis prevention and management
  • Maintain strength and posture as you age
  • Improving balance
  • Improving sports performance
  • Dance conditioning, general or specific such as improving turnout or preparing for pointe

With an emphasis on functional and controlled movement, the combination of Pilates mat, small apparatus and equipment-based exercises allows each client to receive a comprehensive and holistic workout.

At Movement Principle, we run studio classes as either Private classes (one teacher to one client) or Trio classes (one teacher to three clients). This allows us to personalise each client's program based on their individual needs and goals, with a variety of exercises and equipment used in each session. Progression is ongoing from one session to the next.

Studio classes are available at both Paddington and CBD studios. Click here to make a booking.

For group fitness classes see our CBD Studio page


— The six main principles of pilates —

Times, Prices, Bookings

We use the MINDBODY Online system for our bookings. Click the links below to see up-to-date class times and availability.

Log in to manage your appointments and payments online at your own convenience.

We can also organise your appointments for you via email or phone. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


For Group Classes see our Brisbane CBD Studio Timetable



Try us for $59!

    Choose either

  • a 45min private lesson (Paddington or CBD)
  • 4 group classes (CBD only) Valid 1 month from purchase date


  • Casual $110
  • Package of 5 $425 (valid 2 months)
  • Package of 10 $800 (valid 3 months)
  • 2/wk Membership $620/mth*
  • 3/wk Membership $910/mth*


  • Casual $49
  • Package of 5 $220 (valid 2 months)
  • Package of 10 $400 (valid 2 months)
  • 2/wk Membership $300/mth*
  • 3/wk Membership $440/mth*


  • Casual $25
  • Package of 5 $120 (valid 2 months)
  • Package of 10 $200 (valid 3 months)
  • Monthly Group Pass 15 classes/30 days $175
  • 2/wk Membership $130/mth*
  • 3/wk Membership $160/mth*

*Membership Terms and Conditions can be viewed as part of our Studio Policy and Procedures document.

All expiry periods commence from first use, which must be within 3 months of purchase date.

Click here to read our Studio Policy and Procedures including our 24hr Cancellation Policy.

Gift vouchers are also available. Click here to give the gift of movement with a personalised voucher or purchase a gift card in the studio.


More of what we do

Our studio offers a unique and welcoming environment and a range of classes to suit everyone. In the studio, we work on individual strengths and weaknesses, tailoring every session towards your needs in a private or trio setting. In the group classes, we challenge your body with fun and varied classes in a flowing and group fitness format.

One-on-one tuition utilizing all of the equipment in the studio. A private lesson is tailored directly towards your body, your needs and your abilities, offering an intensely challenging workout or a highly focused technical session.
One-on-three tuition utilizing all of the equipment in the studio, in a semi-private setting. Each person in the class is treated individually, with each exercise modified and chosen specifically for each person.

Studio classes are the perfect choice for:

  • People referred from a health practitioner (physio, osteo, chiropractor , GP)
  • People with ongoing pain or restriction in their body
  • People with specific goals or lifestyle demands, eg. athletes, dancers, work-related
  • People who prefer personalised feedback and a tailored program
  • Anyone who wants to experience the traditional equipment - Reformers, the Trapeze Table, Wundachair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel!
  • New clients should book an Initial Consultation to get started.
We run a range of 40min group classes at our Brisbane CBD studio on Adelaide St. Click here for more info.

All of our group classes are included on these passes. Click here to see our current timetable and class descriptions. Your passes can be used at both studios until June 30th 2018, and in the City studio only from July 2nd onwards.

We run kids holiday workshops during some school holidays, and occasionally at other times. See the Workshops tab on our booking site for classes that might be coming up.

We can also organise to come off site to your school or sports club. Email us for more information or to discuss your requirements and we will tailor a quote for you.

No, our instructors are specialised pilates instructors who have completed extensive training in the classes and equipment that we offer. Most of our teachers have completed a Diploma or an Advanced Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction. If you require physiotherapy treatment, or are currently receiving treatment, we will gladly contact and liaise with your treating professional to ensure a coordinated management plan.

Some health funds offer a rebate towards pilates. We encourage you to call your health fund and check what is offered on your specific level of cover. Please ask if you need to be booked with a PAA (Pilates Alliance Australasia) registered teacher so we can plan your attendance accordingly if needed. We will gladly provide an invoice and list of dates/instructors attended at the end of your package for you to use to claim your rebate.

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for pregnancy, and you can start at any time. Our group classes are only suitable up to 16 weeks (or earlier you are new to exercise generally or have any complications with your pregancy). Our recommendation for all stages of pregnancy is our trio classes, where the changing needs of your body can be accommodated in every class due to the personalised nature of the sessions.

Pilates is a great way to recover from pregnancy and childbirth, as well as balance out the demands of parenting on the body.

We offer baby-friendly trio classes, which is our standard trio (semi-private class) offered at a time when other clients have consented to a baby being present. Most of the time baby can be entertained on the mat, or with a quick cuddle, and the parent or carer can enjoy a regular session. However, you must be willing to take a break from your exercise, or abandon your session completely, if your baby is too unsettled and therefore disrupting the class for the other clients. A private class is also a great option if you need to bring baby.

For private and trio classes we can extend the expiry date of your pack to accommodate time away for holidays, work travel or illness, provided notice is given in advance or as soon as able. Group class packs of 5, 10 and 20 classes can also have the expiry date extended with advance notice. Our 30-day Group Class Pass cannot be extended as this is a highly discounted pass, designed to reward you for frequent attendance. Please talk to us about alternative options if you usually purchase the 30 Day Pass and will be away for some time. A 10 pack or casual visits may be more economical, or you may find you still get better value with the 30 day pass even if you can only use half of the visits.

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