Pilates excellence in Brisbane CBD and Paddington

We help people who genuinely want to better the way they move. You might have pain, immobility or a desire to live in your optimum body. Through your sessions, we work with you to create a continuing outcome of reduced pain, injury prevention and the confidence to move more.

We give expert personal attention.

We know our client’s likes and dislikes.

We provide calm, comfortable spaces so that you can focus on your form and breathing.

You gain functional strength, improved posture, mobility and balance and the confidence to move how you want to move.

Woman using reformer pilates equipment

Private Sessions

During the initial consultation, we’ll identify your problems and goals. We’ll tailor your sessions to target your individual needs, utilising a full complement of equipment and exercises of the Pilates method. This includes all sorts of contraptions to leave you feeling supported and balanced. Available in both Paddington and Brisbane CBD studios.

Best for: Anyone with current pain, a significant or acute injury or if you prefer the intensity and supervision of working one one-on-one.

Feet doing exercises with pilates chair

Studio Sessions

A tailored class incorporating all of the equipment, moves and expertise of a private session – that you share with up to three other participants. Costs less than a Private Pilates session, but still with plenty of personal attention and your exercises are designed specifically for you. Available in both Paddington and Brisbane CBD studios.

Best for: If you have specific goals or a complex history, but want to come regularly as part of your health routine

Arms and shoulders in group pilates class Brisbane

Group Classes

A group class giving you a general, all-over workout, using one main piece of Pilates equipment – Reformer or the mat, with bands, balls, weights and rollers used for new and exciting challenges. Group classes are only available in our Brisbane CBD studio and run for 45minutes.

Best for: Anyone who is injury free and looking for a well-supervised group workout that’s challenging, focused and still a bit of fun.

What our clients think

“Pilates exercises my brain as well as my body – so I never get bored”

Carly 2021


We use a lot of different Pilates-specific equipment to allow you to target every area you need to work on, while making sure you are supported, in control and keeping form. Both of our studios are fully equipped with Reformers, Chairs, Cadillacs, Barrels, balls, bands, weights and rollers. Bits for your feet and bobs for your hands. If you’ve got a muscle that hasn’t been getting enough action, we’ve got a tool to get it moving.

Legs in fitness tights with foot resting on pilates chair
Anita from Movement Principle Pilates Brisbane in mat pilates balance pose


Mat Pilates is done primarily, you guessed it, on a mat on the floor. We use different poses, exercises and a few props to strengthen and tone your whole body. There’s a lot of focus on your core and glutes as these are main stabilising muscle groups. You will gain strength, improved posture, balance and flexibility. With regular mat classes you will be moving through your day with ease and confidence.


When we say ‘Reformer Pilates’, we’re talking about a workout utilising the particular piece of equipment, which looks like it could be used as a torture device, but actually  helps support you to move in all sorts of ways that just aren’t possible without it!

The reformer is a frame with a sliding bed, headrest, straps and foot bar. The sliding bed uses springs of different tensions to increase or decrease resistance. The range of moves you can perform on a reformer is almost endless, allowing you to target muscle groups for both strength and flexibility that you have never worked on before.

We love our reformers and use them in Private, Studio Sessions and Group Classes.

Edwin from Movement Principle Pilates Brisbane in squatting pose on reformer pilates machine