10 Years Old!

If you had told us 11 years ago that we’d be celebrating our 10th anniversary of business ownership in 2021, my jaw would have dropped to the floor.

Not that we ever thought we didn’t have it in us (we are pretty determined little buggers!), but to be honest we probably had no idea what we were signing ourselves up for!!

Little did we know we’d go through being flooded in our first week, moving locations twice, each of us having a baby and taking maternity leave, opening and running a second studio, employing and saying goodbye to staff, embarking on a teacher training program, and the icing on the cake, continuing to function during a goddamn GLOBAL PANDEMIC! And we’d still survive to celebrate our 10th year.

We’ve had over 30 talented instructors on our team, with our first-ever hire still with us – we love you Leanne! Did you know she hit the ground running on the day Anita’s daughter was born three weeks early in June 2011?
Our staff has fluctuated from being an intimate group of four in our first year to fourteen at our biggest. Six post lockdown, and now to a solid and dedicated team of 10.

We never would have imagined when we started that managing a team of amazing staff would be both the most challenging – covering 6am classes when someone is sick is no one’s idea of fun, also, why does everyone always move to Melbourne? – and the most rewarding part of business ownership.

So a big, big THANK YOU to our beautiful teachers for putting up with the teeny-tiny boss duo who are sometimes literally figuring it out as they go along.

Our heartfelt gratitude continues with our clients. We are in the game because we are people people. Yes, we love bodies, we are anatomy nerds, we love movement and we believe in Pilates, but mostly, we just love working with people.
Hearing your stories, sharing your triumphs, offering a distraction and some support during tough times, and guiding you out of pain and into stronger and more controlled bodies and minds brings a smile to our hearts, every day.

Even the tough days.

Even the 6am-had-no-sleep-need-coffee mornings.

Even the ‘I’ve just worked 21 days straight and can hardly stand up’ days.

The loyalty, enthusiasm and dedication to their health that our clients have shown has just blown us away, year after year, and we are so grateful for their trust and support. Especially through what was a difficult year last year, for everyone as well as us, we were simply floored by the kindness and love our community showed our business and our staff.

Some of our wonderful clients receiving thank-you gifts for being with us for the whole 10 years. When words are not enough, say it with champagne. You lot are the best!

So while we want to say, look at how great we are for running a Pilates studio for ten whole years – what we really mean is, thanks to ten years of clients, ten years of staff, ten years of friends and ten years of family for making it happen for this long.

All the warm fuzzies!

Cat & Anita