We are a movement specialist Pilates studio providing beautiful spaces and intelligent instruction, where you will feel welcomed, inspired and empowered to move regularly.

For ten years we’ve been providing relaxing and inspiring Pilates studio spaces for people to return to again and again to improve their movement habits and make regular time for their health. We help you habitualise good movement and prioritise it as part of your lifestyle.

What our clients think

“Pilates makes everything feel better.”

Samdy 2021

Building long term relationships for long term benefits.

Our people make the difference!

Here at Movement Principle Pilates, we like our instructors passionate, educated and intuitive. They problem-solve and are creative in tailoring movement to individuals.

Time and time again our clients tell us that it’s the support and guidance they receive in our classes that have them leaving feeling, not just well worked out, but well looked after as well.

We are so proud of our team’s passion and dedication to their craft. We love the intelligent ways our teachers instruct their sessions

We mentor and guide our teachers to be their best. Through internal training and continuing education, we keep our staff at the highest standard of Pilates professionals in Australia.

What our clients think

“Pilates give me energy to get through the day and do the things that are important to me.”

Vicki 2021