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Our recommendation for pregnancy is to join a studio session or private session. The changing needs of your body throughout each stage can be safely and effectively addressed in these classes and we can tailor the session to your needs and how you feel on the day. CBD Group classes can be attended up to 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Short answer – yes – if you are injury free and have a basic level of fitness. Group classes can be challenging and move relatively quickly, but if you are accustomed to exercise you will be able to dive right in.
Group sessions are not suitable for pregnancy, osteoporosis, pelvic floor conditions, or any current injuries that require movement modification. All of these can be accommodated in Studio Sessions, which are individually tailored classes with maximum of 4 participants.

Our CBD studio has two change rooms and a bathroom. Our Paddington studio has a bathroom with shower. Both studios have open shelves and hooks for your belongings.

At our Paddington studio there is 2-hour parking on the street and a couple of parks out the back. 

Our CBD studio has no parking, but is centrally located on George Street with numerous public transport options nearby

Comfortable clothes that you can move easily in – your regular gym gear will do the trick. Bring clean socks and a towel too. 

Bring a pair of clean socks and a clean towel. 

Start with an Initial Consultation so we can take you through the basics and give you some tips on how to best learn the movements. However, if you are looking to attend CBD group classes and have no injuries or concerns, and ideally are used to attending other types of general fitness classes (gym, dance etc), you can jump straight into a group class – we recommend Reformer: Balance or a Pilates Mat class to begin.

Yes! Pilates is used to help with rehabilitation.
You will need to have an Initial Consultation so that we can assess your needs and get you on the right track. Depending on your injury this could mean continuing Private Sessions or moving to Studio Sessions, which are individually tailored classes with maximum of 4 participants and eventually group classes if you’re into that sort of thing.

We sell MoveActive grippy socks in the studio for $15.

We sure do! Drop us an email with your requirements and we’ll be able to let you know what times we have available. Costs depend on size and duration of the booking. Find more details here.

We’re generally closed all public holidays. You shouldn’t be able to actually book a session on a public holiday unless there is an exception. If you have a session booked on a public holiday and are unsure, talk to or contact your instructor at

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“Pilates allows me to do all the things I want to do to live a full life. Dancing, looking after grandkids, painting, gardening.”

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