This Saturday is Pilates Day….but what’s it all about?

You may have seen that we’re celebrating International Pilates Day on May 2nd at the studio. But what exactly are we celebrating? Well, many of you will agree that the feeling you get after a Pilates session is worth celebrating enough – the tingle of your spine, the buzz of your muscles having worked in symphony, the deep warmth in your belly, the freedom in your chest. But where does this come from? What makes Pilates unique?

Without going too much into the detailed history (click here for that – the best explanation ever), Joe Pilates invented the exercises as part of a method he called Contrology. He used the best of all the body methods he had tried (gymnastics, martial arts, circus, boxing, yoga) and his deep knowledge of anatomy to develop exercises that took the body through its natural movement patterns, in a way that encouraged good posture, breathing and above all, concentration.

From the outside, Pilates exercises may not look like much. But the point of focus, the connection of mind and body and the thought process that engages your muscles correctly is what gives Pilates its kick. It’s what makes it a meditation as much as an exercise method, and what allows it to be adapted as equally to injuries and rehab as it does to elite sports conditioning.

Hooked? We are. Pilates makes your body feel good and move better. If you haven’t tried it, come along to our free classes this Saturday.

Here’s the list of classes you can enjoy. Book yourself in, and tell a friend!

Scroll down for class descriptions. Click the class name to go straight to make a booking, or try your luck by just turning up on the day.

8.00am-8.25am TRX Taster
8.15am-8.35am Kids Pilates
8.30am-8.55am Pilates for Osteoporosis
8.45am-9.25am Pilates
9.00am-9.25am TRX Taster
9.30am-10.15am Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates
10.20am-11am Pilates
10.30am-10.55am TRX Taster
11.20am-11.50am Athletic Mat
11.25am-11.45am Stretch and Mobilization

Pilates  All bodies welcome! Enjoy a full Pilates workout with this general 40min mat class. Suitable for beginners with challenges offered for more experienced Pilates lovers. Get moving for Pilates Day!

Kids Pilates  Pilates kids are healthy kids! Let your little ones join in the fun with this 25min taster class especially for Pilates Day. They’ll love bending and stretching, mermaiding and elephanting as they work their way through a series of fun physical challenges. Suitable for ages 4-12.

Pilates for Osteoporosis  Great for strength, posture and balance! Suitable for osteoporosis and particularly targeted at building bone mass and preventing falls, this 25min class will introduce you to both mat and studio exercises that are safe for osteoporosis. A free class just for Pilates Day.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates  Pregnant bodies love Pilates 🙂 And new mums love it too! Experience a full 45min class for free on Pilates Day, with multiple teachers on hand to assist and guide you as you work safely for a healthy pregnancy and recovery. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and from 6 weeks postpartum (Doctor’s clearance for exercise recommended for all women attending).

Athletic Mat  Used to working your body hard? This class is for you! Experience the benefits that Pilates can add to your sport or exercise routine, working on core strength, alignment, posture and a balanced muscular system while exploring some of the more complex Pilates exercises. A special Pilates Day one-off!
Stretch and Mobilization   Pilates lengthens and tones, but sometimes you just need to stretch! Join us for a 20min stretch session to end the morning, incorporating stretches and Pilates exercises to release the whole body, leaving you energised and balanced for the weekend.